Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing: Beyond Tactics

Lately I have noticed more and more businesses who add mobile marketing to their campaigns, or at least they say they do. However, when we start talking there is a common theme. They are focused on the tactic and the technology, but not on the actual benefits. That focus is going to lead to problems. So, in an effort to help create effective mobile marketing let’s take a look at the following.

Mobile Marketing should:

Build a Connection:

As your customers and prospects interact with you via mobile you want that to lead to a deeper connection with your company. Provide them with what they are looking for and make it easy to access.

Create Trust:

The more that your customers and prospects trust you the more they buy from you. How can you build trust? Do what you say and say what you do. Do not create false expectations or use ambiguous language.

Make a Commitment:

If you are going to add mobile, you need to commit your time as well as your money. Don’t just put a QR code on a mail piece and expect that to do the trick. Create your plan, design your landing pages with the recipient in mind.

Be Consistent:

No matter how you are using mobile, you need to be consistent with your brand and you messaging. There should be a look and feel that is all you. Prospects and customers have expectations about you, make sure you are meeting them.

Mobile marketing should not be considered a tactic.

A formal marketing plan that includes mobile will take into account all the necessary steps it takes to generate a truly integrated mobile experience. That planned experience is what people are looking for. If someone wants to do research from a phone, they want the website and landing pages to be designed for them. If someone is ready to purchase from a tablet, make sure that your shopping cart is mobile ready or they will move onto the next company that has it setup correctly.

Mobile allows you to create engagement with customers and prospects on the go.

When you are able to reach people wherever they are, you add value to them. You make it easier for them to get things done. Design your mobile to facilitate their needs in a quick and fun process. Don’t be afraid to get your feet wet and start adding mobile to your marketing mix now.

If you have any questions contact us today. We are glad to help!