Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing: Are You Over Thinking It?

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing Can Be Easy

Sometimes marketers focus on the most difficult aspects of a channel, rather than breaking it down and trying a little bit at a time. Mobile marketing falls into this category for many people. Getting overwhelmed by all the complicated options can stall your campaign or worse cause you to give up on it. What if we break down mobile marketing into smaller less intimidating steps? You will be able to implement some of these ideas into your campaign right away and continue to grow your mobile marketing efforts more over time. Look at what you are currently doing now, by doing so, you can identify where it is easiest to add mobile.

Mobile Marketing Breakdown:

1. Website:

Usually this is the easiest place to start as well as the best.The numbers of people doing research on companies with mobile devices is staggering. Best practices call for a responsive design so what your website looks good no matter what device is accessing it.

2. Email:

When you send out your emails, design them so that they look good on mobile devices. Easy to read text, easy to click buttons and minimal pictures.

3. Landing pages:

Since your marketing campaigns drive people to landing pages, you need to make sure that you are using responsive design on these too. Make the users experience a seamless and easy one.

4. Direct Mail:

Your direct mail can drive people online through QR codes,augmented reality, PURLS, NFC and more. Don’t silo your direct mail, integrateit with your other channels and get recipients to use their mobile devices to access your content.

5. Digital:

All your digital ads should be mobile ready all the way through the experience. From initial click to check out, can your current responders do it all on mobile devices?

6. Text campaigns:

The best part about text campaigns is the immediate access. You can have a flash sale, extra coupon or anything you can think of that your audience will want. The key here is to get people to opt into your messaging and to not overdo it.

Your customers and prospects are looking for a good experience. Creating a smooth easy process for them to use on whatever devise they choose is the best way to boost your responses. This means as you design each item in your campaigns that you are constantly viewing them from your customer’s point of view. What is in it for them? If you can, ask a customer to test your designs or if that is not an option get someone outside of your organization to test everything on multiple devices. This will give you a perspective that someone inside the organization will not have. Mobile marketing can be really easy if you make some adjustments to what you already do.

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