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Mobile Marketing 5 Ways to Drive More Installs for Your New App

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing 5 Ways to Drive More Installs for Your New App

There are many ways to market an app in today’s market. Users are already very familiar with app-based solutions to their problems, so you have a shorter hill to climb when releasing a new app. You can focus on the stories behind the app and how it can deliver real value to its users. Mobile Marketing drives engagement so there is real value for you too.

However, awareness alone isn’t enough. You still have to persuade users to download, install, and try the app. For this, you need good tactics that directly drive conversion and make users more engaged with the app itself, and here are the 5 tactics you can try immediately.

1. Go Happy Early

One of the most important things to prepare is a good first impression. Happy early adopters will be the source of more users for your app; failure to get early adopters happy is unacceptable. This is why crafting a good user experience and creating a good first impression is important.

Appetiser, a leading name in app development, is known for its expertise in keeping early users happy. If you take a closer look at these Appetiser apps, you will realize immediately that the apps are designed to create a positive and lasting first impression.

If you are not sure about how to do that with your own app, consulting experts like Appetiser is the way to go. This a crucial element of app marketing and you cannot afford to fail in this department. Work with the best and make sure your users are happy as early as possible.

2. Use Email

Before the actual launch of the app, take the time to run a pre-launch campaign. Tell stories about the idea behind the app and how it was transformed into a working app that users can download. While running this campaign, collect users’ email addresses.

Asking users to subscribe to be notified when the app is launched allows you to measure the excitement level of potential users. You can then adjust your marketing campaign – or the app itself – to boost excitement level.

By the time the app is ready, use email blast to capture the attention of early adopters. In fact, you can do this while beta-testing the app; make sure you take user feedback into account if this is the route you choose to take.

3. Mobile Marketing Promotions

Mobile marketing ads are still the most effective way to gain traction early if you are launching an app. Since the ads are displayed on mobile devices, you can link to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store page of your app directly, resulting in more conversions and downloads.

Mobile promotions are also effective. Aside from ads, you can run other forms of promotions such as User-Get-User or giveaways from within the app, mainly so that users have more incentives for promoting the app.

Another thing you can do as part of a mobile promotional campaign is to offer extra features for early adopters. For instance, you can offer three months of your premium package to the first 10,000 downloaders. This will boost the adoption rate very quickly.

4. Have a Powerful Landing Page

Despite the many direct promotions that you can do to get users to install your new app, a good landing page is still needed. After all, there are still users who will seek information about the app first before they decide to download it to their phones.

You want the landing page to highlight value and benefits rather than features; be explicit about how features can lead to real benefits for the users. Assume your users’ standpoint when going through each benefit you offer through the app as well.

A powerful landing page, combined with a strong call to action at the beginning and end of the page, will drive conversion to a whole new level. You can direct traffic by utilizing additional tactics such as SEO and content marketing.

5. Use Social Media

Last but certainly not least, always make sure that you engage users (and potential users) directly on social media. When the instant video app Beme was launched, one of the things that made it popular very quickly was its active social media campaign.

Work with influencers whose followers are within your market segment. Don’t hesitate to approach micro-influencers too, since they are perceived as more credible, drive higher user engagement, and are more likely to promote your app further if they like it.

As an added bonus, interact with potential users directly. Let them ask questions about the app and don’t hesitate to share light content that they will find interesting (i.e. jokes and memes) to keep the mood light and the interaction going.

Utilize these 5 mobile marketing tactics and you can gain traction early. Capturing the attention of early adopters and loyal users is easy as long as you know where, when, and how to engage them with your app marketing campaign.