Marketing For Today and Tomorrow


Marketing in these challenging times is hard.

We need to get better marketing results with less money. We need to reach out to people on many different channels and get their attention. The average American is exposed to 5000 messages per day. They notice about 52 of them and only remember 4. So our challenge is to be 1 of the 4.

The most common marketing mistake is we forget that only 15% of our short term results are from today’s marketing initiatives.

Today’s marketing will be responsible for 85% of our long term results. So, knowing that, we need to plan accordingly. To start on the path to better future results we need to analyze what we are currently doing.

Rather than focusing on doing something different, first try to tweak what you do currently.

  • Start by changing your messaging. To do this effectively you need a good understanding of your customers motivations. Once you understand them better, your messaging will be remembered and drive a greater response.
  • You should also integrate your marketing across multiple channels to improve your results. You want to make the competition be forgotten and irrelevant.

The single most important concept to remember is to continually evaluate your marketing and change things as you need to. Marketing must be continuous and grow with you.

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