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Lower Your Facebook Ad Cost In 2022

Facebook ad cost

Lower Your Facebook Ad Cost In 2022

2022 has started off with marketing costs rising and Facebook ads are not immune. Since we all need to get the most bang for our buck, finding ways to save money and still generate revenue from your ads is important. There are several factors that go into creating ads that can affect performance. Your Facebook ad cost does not have to be high.

Social Media Marketing Facebook Ad Cost questions:

  1. What has worked well in the past but is not performing to expectations now? When you know the area to focus on you can find ways to improve it.
  2. What type of ads have you run before? Would you consider trying a different type? Changing your type of ad can help you drive more results.
  3. How often do you refresh your ad creative? You should be changing it at least once a month and possibly every two weeks.
  4. Are you targeting the right people? Take a look at your audience and see if you can make some tweaks to your targeting. Remember the best ad is no good when it’s not sent to the right person.
  5. Check your offer. Would you want what you are offering? If not change it. The better the offer the more response you are going to get.
  6. Are you using both image and video ads? You should be. Changing up what you are doing grabs attention. Not everyone responds to the same type of ad.
  7. Are you testing your copy, images and formats regularly? How will you know what works best if you are not testing? Facebook makes testing easy.
  8. Have you tried Dynamic ads? Facebook’s dynamic ads allow you to create several versions of each component within your ad such as the copy and imagery. Then Facebook will choose how to display them dynamically depending on the person.

Doing the same old Facebook ads that you have done in the past is not going to get you the results you need. Try some of the list above to move the needle on your Facebook ad results. Lower your Facebook ad cost now. The more people buying ads the more your ads are going to cost. That is why it is so important to send the right ads to the right people.

Facebook ads are still a great marketing investment. You just need to make sure that you are getting the most bang for you buck by following the eight questions above. Remember your Facebook ad cost is within your control. Are you ready to get started? We can help! Contact us today!