Love Your City

Our family wants to give you—our wonderful community—something to enjoy. After all, we live in San Diego, a beautiful place where the city, surf, and mountainscapes are plentiful and eagerly await to be explored. We know the importance of casting a little light during this turbulent time. What better way than through what we do best—delivering high-quality printing. So, we invited one of our local friends and artist, Yomar Augusto, to team up to create something beautiful. It’s more than artwork. It is an invitation to show all of us why you Love Your City.

What Is Love Your City?

The quarantine hit San Diego seemingly overnight. The impact has spread far and wide, affecting our businesses and personal lives in profound ways. Our first reaction, internally, was to stabilize Neyenesch Printers. As an essential business we developed our plan for remaining open and for providing a safe environment for our employees, and to let our customers know we were operational and here to help. As we settled into work we knew we wanted to connect with our community and customers in a meaningful way.

Luckily, we came across our talented friend Yomar Augusto’s Quarantine Posters. His vision and generosity for connecting people to meaningful places was inspiring. Through this discovery our desire to help our community stay connected came to life. We asked Yomar to encapsulate what it means to love San Diego through his art and to inspire people to plan their explorations for when the stay-at-home order is lifted. His beautiful artwork spotlights unique San Diego maps and depicts the diverse regions within the beaches, mountains, and our wonderful neighborhoods, invoking us to think about the things that we look forward to—not what we are missing out on. Do you want to soak in the salty air at the beach, share a meal with a loved one at their table, eat and drink at your favorite restaurant, or hike to views that only birds usually get to see? This artwork is a catalyst for that thought, and you can have a set of three limited-edition prints entirely on us. We hope these free prints bring you joy and serve as a reminder of the places we hold dear to us in San Diego.

To add to this, we have also included a donate option for the San Diego Food Bank on our website. We’ve made a donation on behalf of the Neyenesch team to this effort and hope that if you are in the position to give, you will support this organization. Don’t worry, we are not tracking donations in any way. This is all about support and giving back. The best way we can do that is by making it easy for you to give.

Who Is Yomar Augusto?

Yomar Augusto is a Brazilian multidisciplinary artist. He moved to San Diego in 2016 and has since become an integral part of the San Diego art scene. His work mirrors his personality. It is faithful to his way of thinking, it can be conceived as an apparent intricate language that makes itself understood through the strong beauty of the forms, through a Brazilian playfulness and an honest transparency that reveals our—his and ours—randomness. In 2012, Yomar began a project titled, “All About My Maps.” Since then, this project has taken on many new forms. Most recently, while in quarantine, he started to ask people where they wanted to go and created maps for them as a reminder and gentle nod to the future. We asked him why he started this initiative, and his answer was beautiful. “Globally, we are physically separated yet connected more than ever. I believe that lines, shapes, colors can bring disparate edges of our world closer together. We dream and desire destinations, travels. Is there a place you always wanted to go but you never had the opportunity to? Where is it?”

For us it’s San Diego. We knew we had to collaborate. Our passion and commitment for our community remains at the forefront of our efforts, and his as well. We wanted to find a way to spread some light to you, and, at the same time, donate to a local organization helping to soften the impact of COVID-19 on our community. So, we committed to printing and distributing 500 sets of Yomar’s work and to make a donation on behalf of the entire Neyenesch team to the San Diego Food Bank. Yomar put it best, “This gift is a reminder that this is your journey, our journey, and this shall pass.”

Follow Yomar Augusto at or on his website

Yomar Augusto in his San Diego studio / Photography by Ryan Martinez

“This gift is a reminder that this is your journey, our journey, and this shall pass.”

Yomar Augusto, Artist

Get A Limited Edition Print For Free

You can get this beautiful artwork delivered right to your home. All we ask is that you post a photo to your Instagram page of where you would like to go once it is safe to do so—no matter if it is a business you would like to support or a place that you can’t wait to explore. Use the hashtag #LoveYourSD so that we can see it. If you don’t have an Instagram account, no problem! We still want you to have this beautiful work to inspire you to fall even more in love with San Diego.

This is our moment in time where the whole world has been profoundly affected. Please Join us in this movement through May 31 to get one of 500 sets of Yomar Augusto’s San Diego map prints. Our family is wishing you and your loved ones health and positivity as we fight COVID-19 together. Follow us on Instagram to see how your community is showing that they are #LoveYourSD.

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Behind the scenes!
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We are committed to making a donation on behalf of the Neyenesch team to the San Diego Food Bank. If you are able, please join us by donating on their website.

The 2020 Love Your City Giveaway aims to get you excited about exploring your city once the stay-at-home order lifts. Neyenesch Printers is giving away 500 collectable poster sets to the first 500 people to enter. There is no purchase necessary, and a purchase or donation does not increase your odds of receiving a poster. This promotion will run from April 30 until May 31, or until all posters have been awarded. Everyone is eligible to receive one set per household. Giveaway participants will receive a set of three 9×12 inch posters printed by Neyenesch Printers and designed by Yomar Augusto. Printing, shipping, and handling within the United States are covered by Neyenesch Printers. Participants will not be charged in any way. The first 500 people to enter will receive a poster set. Participants will be notified via email address that their posters have shipped. Your privacy is important to us. We will not use your information without your expressed permission. Any information collected will be used to deliver your giveaway and only those who choose to remain on our mailing list will continue to receive promotional materials. Neyenesch Printers is not responsible for lost or stolen mail. Social media posts are not required in order to participate. If you have any questions, please contact us at