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Increase Direct Mail Results With Coordination

Direct Mail Results

Increase Direct Mail Results With Coordination

In order to increase your direct mail results, you need to coordinate all your marketing efforts. Marketing channel coordination is crucial for your success. Mixed messages, poor clarity and too many points of view confuse your prospects and customers so they don’t make a purchase. Coordinating your messaging across channels is the best strategy to give you better results.

Good marketing coordination provides direct mail results with:

  • Engagement: People are more engaged with your mail piece when they understand what you are saying. They must be able to easily see what the key benefits are to them and why they matter.
  • Trust: Coordination across your marketing channels provides greater clarity and trust. When people trust you they buy from you. Since direct mail is considered to be the most trustworthy marketing channel, take advantage of it.
  • Performance: You are better able to meet customer and prospect expectations. This leads to more purchases and better marketing performance.

So how can you come up with coordinated messaging? Find the right problem to solve with your product or service for your customers and prospects. You must deliver a value to them and you do that by solving their problems. If you are not sure of how best to articulate your message as solving a problem, talk to some of your current customers. Their feedback can help you create better messaging and drive direct mail results.

With coordination you will find that prospects and customers are pulled into the purchase zone. It is a natural occurrence when people are engaged with your company and want to be a part of the experience you have created across marketing channels. Remember that emotion is the key to drive response. How can people get an emotional attachment to your messaging if it is not clear and resonates throughout all your marketing messaging?

Your customers and prospects need to know that you can provide them with 3 key things:

  1. Attention: They want to feel as though you think they are special. You can do this with personalization and special offers. Only send to them relevant marketing. I once received a mailer that wanted me to become a member of an organization that I had already been a member of for over 14 years. I felt insulted and not valued. Be sure to send the right offer to the right people.
  2. Competency: They want to feel that you know what you are doing and will provide them with a good product or service. You can help build up their view of you by using testimonials from current customers.
  3. Caring: They want to feel that you care about them as a person. Give them a little extra love with a bonus offer or gift after they order. Make them want to continue to do business with you.

When your story messaging meets all three it resonates more which leads to increased response. Your marketing strategy should align your messaging effectively to increase direct mail results. How do you do that? Remember that people love and relate to stories. When you are able to create your messaging in story form you build authenticity, trust, empathy and engagement which all lead to purchasing from you. This story can then be used strategically across all your marketing channels to enhance your results. Remember that your story needs to stay current and relevant so be prepared to change it.

This will take planning and time to prefect; however the results are well worth it. Are you ready to get started? We can help. Contact us today! We are glad to help!