Direct Mail

Increase Direct Mail Response With Variable Data

Intriguing Direct Mail

Direct mail is an effective way to reach your customers and prospects.

A mailer with your engaging content, physically in the hand speaks loudly to them. It stands out in ways digital channels cannot. Now if you add Variable Data Printing (VDP) to your mail piece, you increase the effectiveness by making your printed pieces even more personal, and targeting specific segments of your customer/prospect base.

VDP gives your direct mail marketing new life.

It allows you to carefully craft your printed pieces to speak directly to your customers and prospects. Your choice of fonts, colors, images, layout and text all affect how well your direct mail is interpreted. A customized piece that includes personal details or information of specific interest will make your customers /prospects feel valued. The mail is more likely to grab their attention with VDP.

Whether by segmenting into groups of like people and optimizing your printed pieces to appeal to each group, or by adding individually personalized data for each customer/prospect, VDP is a valuable tool you can use to increase the return on investment.

There are many ways you can use VDP. You could:

  • Design – Vary your color choices, fonts and images to appeal to different demographics – for example, a college brochure might use different images for freshman students than for transfer students
  • Information – Reflect demographic details such as age, profession and marital status – for example, a holiday cottage business might include information on family activities for some customers, and information on night life for others.
  • Highlights – Include details such as special offers or contact details that are specific to a geographic location – for example a car dealership might include each customer’s local branch or the name of the salesman they usually deal with or even using maps to each location.
  • Offers – Use personalized URLs for offers – for example, a grocery store chain might have URL’s link to different offers for young single shoppers than for large families.

VDP allows you to offer each of your customers/prospects a personalized and meaningful piece of direct mail. This will stand out in the mailbox as well as in their mind. Instead of just another mailer to throw away, your mail will become a valued something that your customers want to read. This helps you build stronger customer relationships and better profits. Are you ready to try VDP?

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