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How To Write Better Email Marketing Copy

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing copy either drives response or turns people off. How is yours working? It may be time to rethink and rewrite your copy. So how can you do that most effectively? There are a lot of articles out there to guide you, some good, some not so good. Here we will attempt to explain the nuances of creating effective email copy.

6 Email Marketing Copy Tips:

  1. Style – Many times it is recommended to write email copy as though you are talking to someone, don’t do it. It winds up confusing and unclear. Your style needs to be simple, readable and concise.
  2. Call to action – Stir up your readers and convey action by using power words in your call to action. Most important make sure it is relevant to them.
  3. Layout – Make sure to use bullets, bolding and other methods to draw eyes to your most important points as they skim your copy.
  4. Words – If you want to stir imagination, appeal to their emotions and get them to take action, you have to seed your email marketing copy with sensory words to help them see and feel the world you create with your words.
  5. Read – Swap places with your reader and be your own skeptic. Are your words in the right order to be easily understood?
  6. Review – Now look at your copy and ask these questions: Is my point clear? Could I make this point in fewer words? What question would I have after reading this? What do I want the reader to do?

Of course the best copy in the world means nothing if your subject line does not get them to open the email. So a quick tip on creating effective subject lines; people open your emails if they feel they will benefit, if they’re worried about missing something, or if you present compelling evidence about why they should.

One more factor to consider is psychology. There are some major drivers that can help you get the results you want with your email copy. There is the fear of missing out, so time-limited discounts work really well. Since different colors elicit different reactions, color is a key factor as well . The right pictures of faces can elicit the emotions shown and help convey your message without words. Lastly testimonials tell your prospects or customers that people like them think you’re great, which makes them more inclined to buy from you.

Are you ready to create more effective email marketing?