Email Marketing

How To Send Effective Email Marketing

Over the years many marketers have found a decline in their email marketing numbers. Many times this is due to stale email marketing campaigns. There is defiantly room for improvement in email marketing.

So what is a marketer to do in order to create more effective emails?

Subject Lines:

Clever subject lines are very important. They get the email opened. The recipient should be able to understand and be curious about your message in just 3 to 5 seconds.


This is more than just “Dear name”. Use information that you know about your customers to tailor your messages and your offers.


Use short sentences, concise messaging and easy to understand language. Bullets work really well to draw the eye and are easy to scan.


Give your offer plenty of space from the body copy. Use a button type format in a color that contrasts with your email design.


Use responsive design so that no matter what device is being used to view the email it looks good. You need to include white space to give the email a more calming feel to it. Too much crowed together can be overwhelming.

Once you master these 5 areas of email marketing

You are ready to work on some of the smaller details like pre-filling forms and limiting the number of fields on a form. These actually help lift response rates. You also need to know when to send and when not to send. The ideal send frequency will vary depending on your audience expectations, your product or service and the type of email you are sending. At a basic level, you should send emails once a month. When doing so, make sure the content is useful and the topic is relevant. Sending too often hurts your campaigns.

Lastly avoid common email marketing mistakes

Such as using all caps, font colors and sizes that are too hard to read or too large to display on mobile and opt-in preferences in your email body copy. Make sure that you do include basic company information like name and address, include an unsubscribe link in the footer and use common fonts to ensure it will be readable on whatever device is being used. Your next email marketing campaign can be great! Are you ready to get started?

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