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How To Re-Engage People With Your Email Marketing


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How To Re-Engage People With Your Email Marketing

Email marketing engagement is important. Being able to identify and re-engage people with your email marketing is a great way to improve your open and click rates. Identifying who is most and least responsive to your emails is a way to get and idea on how well your email marketing is working. If you have most of your list responsive then that group is happy. If on the other hand you have more people that are not opening your emails you need to make some changes.

Since there are many reasons that can cause someone to no longer open your emails, we can’t cover them all nor can we control all of them. However, there are a few common reasons that we can control and change to help with this problem.

Why people do not open your email marketing:

  1. Too many emails
  2. Content that does not interest them
  3. Did not recognize the sender name

You do not need to send an email every day. When people sign up for your emails, ask them what they want to receive from you and only send those types of emails to them. Make sure your sender name is one they will recognize. This will help prevent engagement with new subscribers going forward.

You can consider some one unengaged when they have not opened your email in 6 months or more. Run a list segmentation to see how many people in your email list are unengaged. Now you are going to want to target them with a special campaign.

Let’s look at what can you do about the unengaged segment you already have. Start by using their name in the subject line. Then personalize a special offer based on their purchase history. This should prompt them to open and click your email. If not, it may be time to stop sending to them.

For those that did open it congrats, they are back. Moving forward it is important that you continue to only send emails that are relevant to people or you will lose them. The better able you are to personalize the greater your response rate will be. Not every email needs to go to your whole list. Pay attention to what people want and what they buy, base your emails on that segmentation. Are you ready to get started?

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