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How to Power Up Your Social Media Marketing

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How to Power Up Your Social Media Marketing.

You had better have a social media marketing presence for your company; no matter whether your customers are B2B or B2C they are people who use social media. A common problem is trying to generate more social media exposure as well as followers. The first thing you need to know is not to buy them. Social media needs to be organic and authentic.

Here are a few ideas to power up your social media marketing:

  1. Direct Mail: Purchase a list of your targeted customers. Create a direct mail piece and on it provide a special offer to people who follow and engage with you on social media. You need a really good offer to incentivize them so think of what can work for them.
  2. A Blog: Having a blog that is full of helpful information is a great way to showcase who you are and how you can help people. You will want to offer social channel buttons that they can use to share your content as well as follow buttons so that they can find your social media posts.
  3. Contests: These are a great way to introduce your company to people and make it fun. You really need to plan out the contest and make sure that it is relevant to your business. Think of some ideas, you can also look to see what other people are doing or have done.
  4. Ads: You can try creating ads on social media to get people to like/follow you. Just be sure to have an incentive such as deals for followers only.


Social Media Marketing is a long term strategy.

Social media marketing is work. Followers do not appear overnight. You need to create a long term social media marketing plan and stick to it. The more you engage with people the more they will engage back. Just remember that people like to talk with other people, you need to speak to them as a person not a business. You also need to keep in mind that this is not a channel to sell sell sell. This is a channel to talk with people, listen to people and encourage sharing of your good informative content.

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