Direct Mail

How To Master Direct Mail Campaign Workflow


Direct mail is a great marketing channel to drive response; however many times marketers find direct mail campaigns to be complex and a big pain. They really are worth the effort. There are ways to simplify the workflow so that your next direct mail campaign is much easier.

5 Steps to better direct mail workflow:

1. Collect

You need to bring together not only your team to work on your direct mail campaign but examples of previous mailing, results from the mailings, examples of what other companies have sent, ideas for future campaigns and all the equipment you will be using to brainstorm and create.

2. Process

Go through all your samples both previous ones you have sent and ones others have brought in along with any other ideas. Sort them into two categories: Look into and No. Sometimes you may find you are on the fence about an idea, go ahead and add to look into for now.

3. Organize

Now go through your look into pile and find commonalities, what is great about each piece or idea, jot them down. Also write down things that need improvement. This comprehensive list of good and bad will help you create your new piece. Organize all your thoughts into a comprehensive concept.

4. Review

Here you want to look over your new concept and mail piece design to make sure that all the changes you made make sense, your offer is clear, your design is eye-catching and your message is easy to understand. You also need to meet postal regulations.

5. Do

It is now time to execute. You have your calendar schedule, your piece designed and your list set up, you are ready. Make sure you can track your results so that you can know if it is working.

We can help you with each of the 5 steps as well as make sure your mail piece design meets postal requirements. In many cases we are an underutilized part of your team. Be sure to have your design evaluated before you print it, and then any problems can be fixed without incurring extra costs.

The smoothest direct mail campaigns are well planned and leave adequate scheduling in place for each task. Time crunches cause problems.  Are you ready to get started?