Direct Mail

How To Make Direct Mail Have More Impact

Direct mail marketing is a great way to sell your product or service, it has the best ROI. You can make your direct mail even better by transforming it into a powerful campaign. To do that your direct mail needs to coordinate with your other marketing channels. This improves the recipients experience and your response rate. So how can you do this?

Create Direct Mail Impact With:

QR Codes –

Create personalized QR codes to send people to videos, registration pages, purchasing pages or information. Incorporating mobile technology is a good idea and another way to track who is interested.


Create personalized URLs to send recipients to landing pages to make purchases as well as get more information. Drive them online for longer engagement.

Triggered Emails –

Use direct mail in-home delivery dates to trigger follow-up emails that take customers to personalized landing pages. Staying at the top of people’s minds increases the likelihood of their response.

Maps –

Create maps to your location or event using technology that makes it possible to print a unique map on each piece of mail. You can tie a QR code in here to by having it open the map app in the recipient’s phone.

The combination of direct mail with online content is almost expected by recipients now. The technology makes it easy to add each component without too much additional cost. This makes each one well worth it as your responses increase when you use them. You can know exactly who is responding and when. You can then anticipate and plan for incoming inquires as well as funds when they purchase.

Coordination and implementation of these combined components is not difficult. We can help you do it all. Contact us today. We are glad to help!