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How To Find The Right Customers With Direct Mail

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Learn How Direct Mail Helps Gain The Right Customers

In 2019 it is more important than ever to find and cultivate the right customers. Direct mail is a great way to do that. Building loyalty with the right customers allows you to have profitable long term relationships and increases your exposure to others with consistent referrals. Are you ready to create a great direct mail loyalty program?


First you will need to analyze your data. You will want to segment people into 4 buckets. Bucket 1 will be people who have been buying from you for at least 5 years. Bucket 2 will be people who spend the most money with you in a year. In bucket 3 are your newest customers and bucket 4 is everyone left out of the other 3 buckets. So your top customers are in buckets 1 and 2. Do a further analyzation on these people to refine who they are. Some information that can be helpful is age, income, purchase history, location, marital status, children, homeowner as well as anything else you can find about them. The more detailed description you have the better targeting you can do.


Now that you have your best customer profiles you can build your targeted offers. Base them off of each profile so that it is specifically appealing to the individual. When you send the right offer to the right person not only do they buy from you, but they also value your company more because you help them. Your offer can be other products or services they would like or it could be discounts on what they already buy. If you have a large number of varying offers it is best to print your mail pieces using variable data so that each person gets the best offer for them.


You should also consider creating a referral program. You can include a hand out in your mail piece for your customers to pass on to friends and neighbors. This should include some type of incentive for both your customer and their friends. This can come in the form of a discount or a giveaway. People love to get free stuff, so if you can afford to do a giveaway you will find more success with your referral program.

Well targeted direct mail will help you grow sales and increase customer retention. The key is to make sure you have correct information in your database. You cannot target your offers to the right people if your data is wrong. Are you ready to get started?