Direct Mail

How To Do A Direct Mail Assessment

Sending really good direct mail requires you to know how your current direct mail campaigns are doing. Many times we find that customers have bypassed this step. They are so busy with planning and implementing that they do not take the time to look at the results. This is never good. You need to know how your campaigns are performing.

So we have created an assessment questionnaire you can use to check your status.


Who responded, break this down into types of people? How many total responses did you get? Is this better than last time?


Who purchased what? How much was spent per person? How many were first time purchases? How many were repeat purchases?


What response devices were used? What was most popular? Who responded in which ways? Are there other response methods you could have used?


If you did an A/B test which offer did better? Do you know why? Who responded to which offer?


Did you get a lot on returns? Did you get people asking to be taken off your list? Who did you send to? Could you have selected them differently?

These are the most basic things you need to know about each mail campaign. The more details you can extract about the people making purchases the better prepared you are to send them relevant offers in the future. The response methods you provide on your mail pieces are very important. When you provide the right ones, you increase the likelihood that your customers and prospects will respond, so pay careful attention to who responds and how. Then you will be better prepared for the next campaign.

Remember that direct mail works best as an ongoing effort not a onetime shot.

In order to build better and better mail pieces you need to know what is working and what needs improvement. Constantly testing copy, images, offers and lists is how you will create the best direct mail yet. Keep in mind that in order to really gauge responses you need to be testing only one thing per segment group. You can have as many segments as you want to extend the testing, and really track results.

Direct mail is a powerful driver of response, but the only response that matters is yours. Know what works for you and how to maximize your results!

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