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How To Create Memorable Direct Mail

Memorable Direct Mail

How To Create Memorable Direct Mail

So what do I mean by memorable direct mail and why should your direct mail be memorable? By memorable direct mail I mean mail that really resonates or makes an impression on your prospects and customers. When this happens they are more likely to respond to your offer. After your first hurdle of grabbing attention so that your mail piece does not end up in the trash, your next hurdle is drawing them into your messaging. This is where the memorable part takes place.

Here are 3 ways to make memorable direct mail:

  1. Testimonials: People trust the opinions of others more than they trust companies. When you add testimonials to your direct mail you make your product or service more trustworthy and people are curious about what others say so they will take the time to read them. The testimonials provide you with an unbiased opinion of your products or services, this is powerful for people who are unsure if they should buy from you.
  2. Stories: People enjoy stories. When you create direct mail messaging with a story concept you draw in the reader. In order to keep them interested you need to have a good story. Build up curiosity so they want to know what will happen. Of course your story needs to fit in with your brand and product or service, just adding any old story is not going to help you. Everything in the direct mail needs to tie together to be effective.
  3. Emotional: Emotion is a powerful memorable point. When nonprofits tug at heart strings to get donations it works! Use emotion to draw people in. Even nonprofits can do this. Think of ways that your product or service can create an emotional appeal. You don’t have to focus on just sad emotions try out each one to see what will work best for you by testing ideas with a focus group of clients or people outside of your organization.

No matter what the format of your direct mail piece is such as a letter, postcard or self-mailer the stickiness of your messaging matters. On postcards you will have to be very concise while still drawing them in. Letters give you plenty of space for messaging, keep in mind that people like to read the P.S. lines so have a great memorable message here.

Images can also help your direct mail be memorable. When you are able to convey your message through powerful images, it creates a great way to draw people in. Make sure that you are not using language to disengage people. Stay away from clichés, boasting, and arrogant messaging. No one wants to read that. Open honest language is the best.

Consider the messaging you have used on past direct mail pieces. What could you do with that messaging to make it even better? Do you find any of it to be boring? One thing you can’t do is have boring messaging in your direct mail. That is a sure way to get it thrown into the trash.

If you know you have used good messaging in the past use it again but not word for word. Change it up to keep it fresh. If you use testimonials, don’t always use the same ones switch them out. Interest in your direct mail pieces over time tapers off so freshen up not only your look, but your messaging too.

Create your memorable direct mail now to increase your 2020 results. When you send mail to the right people, create an impression and provide a good offer you will get results. Are you ready to get started?

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