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How To Create Better Mobile Marketing With Data

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How To Create Better Mobile Marketing With Data

Mobile marketing is a key component to your overall marketing strategy. So, how can you craft the most effective mobile marketing for your prospects and customers? This is what keeps many marketers up at night. There are of course many factors that drive mobile response but one that seems to be most frequently overlooked is your data. You can gather much needed information to craft better mobile marketing based on data you already have.

Look at these data factors first:


There are two factors we will focus on here. First is voice search; your customers and prospects are more likely to use voice search from mobile devices because it is easy. Using Google Analytics you can find these searches and tailor your content to match them. Second use the common key words from your website SEO to create additional content and answer common questions. Both of these will drive additional traffic to your website and content, of course they all need to be set up for mobile viewing.


Take a look at what is being purchased by your customers and from what devices. Compare which products or services are most commonly purchased on a mobile device and use this information to create special offers on items that may go along with those purchases to entice more sales. You can also make suggestions about future purchase needs to them.


Look to see which pages on your website are most often visited by mobile users. What is it about these pages? Could the layout be a factor? Should you make changes to other pages to be more like the popular ones?


By using location data you can push better mobile marketing messages to people near you for special offers. This can be a great way to increase traffic at specific times and days. Analyzing this data can also help you to identify who your best targets are for future offers.

Keep in mind that mobile users like to have access to comparative tools, star ratings, and customer reviews before they decide to buy. So make sure you have this information easily accessible to them. With the ability to personalize and target customers and prospects like never before you can increase the effectiveness of your mobile marketing with data. Are you ready to get started? Contact us today! We are glad to help!