Social Media Marketing

How to Create a Successful Live Tweeting Marketing Strategy

Think of all the events or news that your company has during a given year. You might add a cool product or enhance a service. You might attend a conference—or even give a speech. Or you might have an employee that wins an award for the company. What’s special about those things in the day and age of social media and smart devices? You can share all those events with other people and businesses—your community—to generate enthusiasm and loyalty for your brand. 

There are plenty of ways to offer that information, but Twitter is probably the one with the most immediate feel. Its limited content—just 140 characters—as well as some guidelines can help you take advantage of Twitter to the most benefit of your company. That includes likes, retweets, comments, users, hashtags, and your personal information.

Want to use Twitter more strategically? Check out the ideas in this graphic.

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Via Salesforce