Mobile Marketing

How To Create A Mobile Marketing Text To Campaign

One way to take advantage of mobile marketing is to do a text to campaign.

This can be a text to donate or a text to win campaign. These are very popular and they work. As with all marketing a mobile marketing text campaign needs to be well thought out. Get your goals down in writing and know who you want to reach out to.

How Does It Work?

  1. Choose A Software Provider – There are many providers that can help you. Make sure to really check them out to see that the platform has the features you need.
  2. Get A Phone Number – Once you pick your software provider, you will need to get a phone number. This will be the number people use to text.
  3. Marketing – Now it is time to pick which marketing channels you will provide the text number on. They work great for direct mail, social media and email. What other ways can you get your message out?

What Happens When Recipients Respond?

  1. Text – They text the number with either a donation amount or a message you asked them to type to enter.
  2. Link – There is a link sent to the phone to push as a confirmation and get taken to the next step in your process.
  3. Landing page – This is where they enter credit card info to donate or fill out your form to enter to win.

As with any marketing campaign you need to designate a person to be in charge of mobile. So before you roll out your mobile marketing campaign you want to make sure that you test it. Work out all the bugs before you are ready to start. Also it is a good idea to test this from multiple types of phone and tablets. You want to be sure your forms are working correctly. You might consider using an incentive to get people to refer friends to your campaign. There is no better way to increase response rates that to have a recommendation.

It is also a good idea to explain how the mobile marketing text campaign works and that their information is safe with you. As you go along, make note of what works and what doesn’t, then adjust to keep honing your strategies and making more out of your mobile texting. Are  you ready to get started?

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