Mobile Marketing

How To Best Use Mobile Marketing


With the amount of time your customers and prospects are spending on their mobile devices you need to be marketing in that space. Mobile marketing generally involves either a push message or a pull toward your message. There are many ways you can use mobile effectively and when used correctly, mobile marketing can increase engagement with your customers and prospects as well as, make it easier than ever to reach them. Let’s look at a few:

Mobile Marketing Options:

  1. Geolocation – Using the location of your customers and prospects you can send them timely coupons when they are near you.
  2. Games – You can create fun games to engage people and tie them back to your business. Think of something like a mobile scavenger hunt.
  3. Apps – You can create mobile apps to make life easier, information convenient and 24 hour access to your company. You should also provide exclusive deals to keep people using the app.
  4. Ads – You can create targeted mobile ads to display on phones. Keep in mind though that your customers and prospects find mobile ads to be the most intrusive and annoying.
  5. Text Messaging – You can use either SMS or MMS messages to send notifications or promotions to your customers and prospects after they opt-in.
  6. Email – All your email messages should be designed and sent to be read and acted upon with mobile devices. Therefore all the links in your email should also send people to mobile sites.
  7. Website – It should go without saying now that your website needs to be designed for mobile use. Easy to read copy, quick loading and easy navigation are required.
  8. Landing Pages – As you add special landing pages for your marketing campaigns to various channels you need to make sure that they are ready for mobile, from forms to fill out to the ability to make purchases, people are doing all of that with mobile devices now.
  9. Augmented Reality – This is really cool and fun technology that integrates printed pieces with mobile devices to create interactive experiences. You may have seen how the IKEA catalog used AR to allow users to see what their furniture will look like in their home before purchasing. If you have not seen it, you should check it out.
  10. NFC – Near Field Communication allows people to interact with embedded chips in printed materials without the need for a mobile app. You can provide content and messaging to them by having their phone near the chip.

As you can see there are many ways to integrate mobile marketing into your campaigns. Mobile marketing is a powerful way to stay in touch, but you need to use restraint. A constant flow of emails, text messages, and ads can end up making your prospects and customers angry. Another consideration is testing. Before you launch any of the 10 mobile methods above you need to make sure on a variety of devices that it is working the way you intended it to. Finally the loading speed must be as fast as possible because people no longer have patience to wait. If your content is loading too slowly you will lose them. Mobile can help you boost your marketing results. Are you ready to get started?

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