Mobile Marketing

How To Add Mobile Technology To Your Next Marketing Campaign

Not using mobile technology? Most of us avoid things that we do not understand, so it is not surprising that marketers have been slow to adopt mobile in their marketing. This does not have to be painful. You can add a few mobile touch points that really make it easy for your prospects or customers to get more information, make a purchase or anything else you are trying to get them to do.

4 Mobile Technology Options:

  1. QR Codes: One of the easiest ways to add mobile is with QR codes. Most people are familiar with them now and commonly scan them if they feel they are going to get something of value. Make sure to include good teaser copy to get them to scan.
  2. NFC: Near field communication is another way to reach people. The great thing about NFC is that it does not require people to download an app. The only real issue with it right now is that Apple has not made it available on the iPhones. So if your audience is using Android phones this would be a great way to reach them.
  3. Augmented Reality: This can be really great at creating an engaging experience for prospects and customers. Both Layer and Aurasma have great user interfaces to make creating this type of technology much easier. If you have not considered it in the past, check it out. Ikea uses this technology brilliantly by letting you see what furniture will look like in your home before you buy it.
  4. SMS/MMS: This does not have to start off where you send them messages, you can set it up for them to message you in order to get a coupon, join a drawing, get special information and so on. You can of course ask them to sign up for special deals that you message them as they come up. Many companies are doing this really well. When your audience gets value they participate. Just look at the way CVS uses this technology to notify people when their prescriptions are ready. How could you make life more convenient for your customers and prospects?

Think of all the ways people now use their mobile devices and how they could start using them in the future. Adding mobile technology to your marketing is powerful. When you make life easier for people they appreciate it and take part in it. Now more than ever time is the most valuable commodity for people. Can you give them back time? I bet you can think of several ways to do this. If you need help let us know we can help with brainstorming.

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