Mobile Marketing

How To Add Mobile Marketing

Are you considering adding mobile marketing to your mix?

Now is definitely the time to do it. Did you know that 90% of people move between multiple screens and devices? Can your current marketing strategy follow them? Start your marketing plan now to include mobile.

There are 3 things you need to consider before implementing a mobile plan.

1. Convenience:

Will your prospects and customers find it easy to use? When you make your messaging or app so that it makes people’s lives easier you are sure to get good participation.

2. Relevance:

Are you keeping your messaging relevant to prospects and customers? Do they want or need the product or service you are messaging them about? Segment your list so that you are always targeting the right people.

3. Permission:

Do you have permission to send to them? You need to invite people to sign up for messaging, download your app and so on. Do not send mobile messages to people who have not opted in.

Now that you have considered the perspective of your prospects and customers you are ready to look at how they currently interact with you. How does that fit with your marketing plan and how can mobile help? It is extremely important that your marketing efforts between channels work together seamlessly. You want to build an excellent customer experience. Just adding mobile marketing because you should, does not make a good contribution to your marketing, you need to do more.

So your first focus on planning is all about the customer and how to bring value to them.

Next is the actual campaign execution. What are you going to do? When are you going to do it? How long will it last? Does it tie in with other channels? Who is going to do what? There are many other questions to ask yourself but these will get you started. Remember to test everything on multiple devises to be sure that the design is functioning properly, the messaging is clear and any links are working properly. You may even want to consider a stepped campaign to a small group of people first in case there are any bugs you missed.

Do not be afraid of mobile marketing.

There are plenty of good campaigns out there now to reference when building your own. Take the good things they are doing and grow those ideas into your own campaign. Even if you are not ready to start right now, consider sitting down with your team and hashing out ideas of what could really benefit your customers if you go mobile. It is never too early to start your discussion.

Have questions? Contact us today. We are glad to help!