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How Good Direct Mail Data Increases Response

direct mail data

In 2022, your data is the most important marketing tool you have. Direct mail data is a powerful driver of response. You can exponentially improve your response rate by harnessing your data fully! Of course, this does require you to have accurate and clean data. Assuming you do, you are ready to use it to make the most of your next direct mail campaign. So how can you harness your data?

3 Ways to Improve Your Direct Mail with Data:

  1. Images – Use your data to select images based on the person. When you select the right images your mail piece is more appealing. For instance, I love fishing and get mailers all the time that highlight a bunch of new lures or flies that I don’t use. Once I received a postcard that first of all had a woman fishing (finally not a man) and it was all about bait like fish eggs, power bait and so on, it captured my interest immediately and of course I used the coupon to buy bait. Images are powerful.
  2. Offer – Use your data to create offers tailored to the person. When you know what they like, you can make an offer they can’t refuse. For instance, I love to read and get book offers all the time. The ones that stand out to me and that I buy from are specific books by authors I love. If you give me a 25% off coupon for the latest Patricia Cornwell book, I am all over it. The right offer to the right person is commanding.
  3. Messaging – Use your data to tailor your message. When you get personal with your message your draw your customer into your mail piece. By personal I mean more than just using their name. Mention past purchases or interactions with your company. Engage them on a human level. For instance, I am very empathetic so when I get a letter from Meals On Wheels about how a specific senior needs my help to keep from going hungry I cannot, not help. A message that resonates with customers drives response.

As you can see adding in personal details takes your direct mail to a new level. People like to do business with people. Build relationships with trust and knowledge of their needs. The better you harness your data the better your response rate will be. Guard your data from cyber thieves and from potentially bad data. Make sure to vet all data you acquire before using it. There is nothing that makes a person angrier than to tell them they are something they are not. I am not a man and have never been, but many times I get mail addressed to me as Mr. Summer Gould. That goes in the trash and leaves a bad impression with me about the company who sent it. Don’t be like them, be better. Are you ready to get started?

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