Mobile Marketing

Has Mobile Technology Changed The Average Consumer?

Without a doubt, mobile technology has changed our lives. With a smartphone in our hands, we can get directions with real-time updates on traffic, find out breaking news, as well as the latest gossip from our friends, and capture our lives in high-quality photos and videos. And that’s just naming a few. The possibilities are seemingly endless, as developments and capabilities continue to improve every year.

But how have mobiles changed the way we shop? Now it’s easy to research products, browse and order in just a few clicks. While online shopping was once reserved for more traditional desktop computers, it’s easier than ever to make purchases on-the-go. In fact, by 2018, m-commerce sales are estimated to reach $626 billion.

Contactless payment points are appearing everywhere too. Even when we make it to the shops, we’re still reliant on our ever-powerful phones. 90% of consumers are already using their smartphones for pre-shopping activities as well, including finding out things like the opening hours of a business.

Brands are tapping into the reality that we take our phones everywhere, with more and more companies using social media to interact with consumers in a personal way. In the future, expect to see increased attempts to bridge the gap between friendship and commerce. For more predictions, check out this great infographic.