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Grab Attention With Your Email Marketing

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You need to be more creative with your email marketing.

Email marketers are great at exploiting holidays for marketing messaging, so great at it in fact that people now expect it, ignore it and delete it. In 2016 you need to be more creative with your email marketing. Send the unexpected, grab attention and get results. We are not saying to not send email around holidays, what we are saying is to change it up. Don’t be boring and predictable.

3 tips to grab attention with your emails:

1. Subject Line:

This is what gets your email opened. Be creative and fun here. Unexpected wording that generates curiosity will increase your open rate.

2. Images:

Don’t use the same old stock images. Get more creative; what eye catching imagery can you use to spice up your email?

3. Call to action:

This should be specific and clear. Each call to action will not work for everyone. Get personalized with yours to increase response.

Since you have a very limited time to get people to read your message you really need to take the time to create clear and concise copy that builds curiosity and provides the benefits recipients can expect. Don’t say the same old things that you have always said. Change up your copy just like the 3 items above. If you have a control version that had always worked well for you split your list and test this new way against your control. You may be surprised by the results.

Email marketing is only effective when you are reaching your goals. Assuming that your goals are based on responses not opens means that you need to continually evaluate ways you can make changes to your campaigns that increase your response rates. Don’t be afraid to do things differently. Stand out from the crowd of emails in inboxes, be unique.

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