Good Fulfillment Cartons Can Save Your Cookies!

It is extremely important in fulfillment for the end user to get the correct order in good shape. Fulfillment cartons are one key to happy customers. When a package arrives all beat up your customers are not happy, especially if the items inside have been damaged. A good quality fulfillment carton can provide a great impression and save the items in the carton from damage. Satisfied customers not only buy again but tell others about you. Are your cartons sending the right message?

How to choose the right fulfillment carton:


How heavy are the items that will be going in the carton? The heavier they are the thicker your carton will need to be. A light weight carton with a heavy item is probable to break open in transit.


The size of the items going in the carton should help you to determine what size carton to use. Using a carton that is too large can damage the contents and make it easier to be crushed during shipping. A carton that is too small can cause damage because the items are pressing against the edges of the carton so they are more susceptible to damage during transport. You want a small cushion of packing materials to surround your items and protect them.


What type of material is your item made of? Glass and other fragile items are going to require a heavier duty carton with packing materials to absorb bumps and falls. Items made of more durable materials can use a lighter duty carton.

If you are not sure what to choose it is better to go with a heavier duty carton to be safe. They do cost more so you could test a lighter duty carton by shipping it to yourself to see the end result. We can also help you find the right packaging. Call us in San Diego at (619) 297-2281 or email contact@neyenesch.com. We are glad to help!