Fulfillment Order Quality Control Procedures

Fulfillment Order Quality Control

Fulfillment Order Quality Control

Fulfillment Order Quality Control Procedures

In order to ensure that your customers are getting what they ordered and that it is packed correctly, you need to have a set of fulfillment order quality control procedures. Unfortunately, many people overlook this key step which results in returns, damaged products, losses, and customer dissatisfaction. We can prevent all of these things by creating QC procedures to catch and fix problems before the items are shipped.

Standard Fulfillment Order Quality Control Procedures:

  • Picking – Check all items for defects or other issues while picking. If issues are found items should be set aside to see if they can be repaired or if they need to be removed from inventory. Higher end items will require more documentation when they are found to be damaged.
  • Packing – Check that the correct items are being packed. Check that the correct packing materials are protecting fragile items and that they will not move in shipment. Check that the correct box strength is being used. There are many options to protect fragile items.
  • Shipping – Check that the box has been sealed correctly. Check that the correct shipping address is applied to the box. Check that the correct method of shipment has been done.

The first rule of thumb is that the packing QC person is not the same person who picked the order. The reason for this because when checking someone else’s work, it is easier to catch the mistakes. The fulfillment order quality control procedures reduce the costs of shipping errors which include the expenses for returns and reshipments of corrected items. Not to mention the frustration your customer feels. Ensuring that your orders are accurate and are good quality will help keep your reputation protected.

Dealing with customer complaints takes up a lot of a company’s resources. The lesser complaints received from customers due to wrong or subpar products, the better. Making sure that QC procedures are being followed at all stages of the order fulfillment is the best way to ship timely and accurately to your customers.

Effective fulfillment order quality control procedures help reduce your marketing costs over time. Your customers will be less likely to have problems with their order, so they will be more likely to order from you again. However, if they have a problem, they are less likely to make another purchase.

So how can you make sure that the QC procedures are being performed to your standards? Your best bet is a check list. This should be structured as yes or no answers that can quickly be checked off while performing the QC.

There are three elements of a quality control checklist that are vital in making them effective. They are product requirements, packing requirements and shipping requirements. Your specific check list will depend on what types of products you are sending and how they need to be packaged to arrive without damage. Are you ready to get started setting up your QC system?

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