Fulfillment Needs To Manage Shipping Expectations



A very important key to fulfillment customer satisfaction is managing shipping expectations. Since shipping is expensive and can differ widely in deliverability it is important to address individual shipping expectations at the time an order is placed. When you effectively meet their fulfillment expectations you can expect more repeat business, faster client conversions and better opportunities for upselling.

4 fulfillment tips to manage shipping expectations:


Allow your customers to choose the option that works best for them such as ground, 3 day, 2 day or overnight. Each option would have its own cost clearly stated for transparency. Let them control not only the costs but how fast they get it.

Delivery Dates

Provide delivery dates during the ordering process so people can see when they should expect the items they want. Make sure that the dates are based on the address they are shipping to.


Provide the option for people to insure their shipment if they desire. You do not have to give this away for free, show them the costs for insurance that will vary based on the carrier and the value of the shipment.


If you provide free ground shipping people will be happy. You can then allow them to select a faster option for a fee, in many cases you will find that they are willing to pay for faster delivery, but they respect the fact that you offer free shipping for ground.

There are other things you can consider as well to help people navigate your ordering site such as search options, suggestions based on past purchases or what others who bought that product have purchased along with it. Amazon does a great job at this and it drives increased sales. You should too.

When you communicate clearly, provide tracking, delivery information, and offer shipping options you have happy fulfillment customers. Managing your fulfillment customer expectations is crucial to improving satisfaction and ongoing orders. How are you currently doing? Are you ready to do better? Need help, call us in San Diego (619) 297-2281 or email contact@neyenesch.com. We are glad to help!