Fulfillment Kit Packing Tips

fulfillment kit packing

Fulfillment Kit Packing Tips

There are so many options for fulfillment kit packing. In this case kitting means packing multiple items into a box and sending them to either employees or customers. Kits can come in all shapes and sizes as well as all different types of items going in them. There are some basic tips for packing to make sure your items stay safe and also some tips for packing with a nice presentation in mind. Let’s look at them now.

Fulfillment Kit Packing for Protection:

  1. Cartons: You have many options for your shipping cartons to keep your items safe. The more heavy-duty the box, the more expensive it is, so make sure you use the appropriate ones. There is no need to use a 500-pound double wall box to ship out items that are not breakable.
  2. Filler: Depending on what you are sending you may need filler to keep items from shifting during shipping. We recommend crinkle paper rather than packing peanuts. Not only is crinkle paper more environmentally friendly, but it is also easier to manage when your recipients unpack the box. You can also use packing paper.
  3. Bubble wrap: When you are sending breakable items wrapping them in bubble wrap will help protect them during shipping. The bigger the bubble the more protection you will get.
  4. Specialty packs: You can purchase specialty packs for breakable items like mugs, bottles and glasses that are specifically designed to keep them safe. They may contain foam inserts to hold items in place.

Fulfillment Kit Packing for Presentation:

  1. Filler: Most of the time the best-looking filler is crinkle paper. There are many colors to choose from and you can mix colors for a more unique look.
  2. Spacing: To be aesthetically pleasing try to space items equally apart with crinkle in between items.
  3. Bows: Tying bows around items will make them stand out and give them a special importance.
  4. Cards/Letters: Whenever possible these should be placed on top of all the other items. They can also be personalized to the individual to make them feel special.

Since each fulfillment kit packing is different based on the items being packed, there will be instances when you need to address other potential packing issues. If you have a specific kit in mind reach out to us and we can help guide you for the best protection and presentation. We have packed thousands of kits over the years, so we can also help you with purchasing the right materials for your specific needs.

One last tip, carriers such as UPS and FedEx charge for shipping based on box size, weight, destination and how quickly you want it there. You can save money by choosing a smaller box, limiting the weight and sending it ground instead of overnight. However, if you have more than one box that can be combined into one bigger box you will save money over shipping two boxes to the same place. Have questions? Contact us today! We are glad to help!