Fulfillment Box Packing Tips

Fulfillment Packaging

Fulfillment Packaging

The way your materials are packed into boxes on your fulfillment orders really matters. It can be the difference between damaged goods and a great delivery experience. Your customers, sales reps and others need their items to arrive in a usable state. You not only need to keep your items safe, but you need to insure the box makes it to its destination.

Top Fulfillment Box Packing Tips

1. Fulfillment Materials – There are many material options and based on your contents the needs will vary.

  • Boxes – Choose boxes based on the weight of your items, the fragility and the length of travel time. The more fragile the items the more protective your boxes need to be.
  • Tape – You should use a two inch wide packing tape to seal your boxes. You will want to cover all the seams to make sure they do not pop open during transit.
  • Packing – The bubble wrap, packing paper and other materials will prevent your items from shifting or breaking inside the box.

2. Fulfillment Box – Using the right size box for your items is important. Too big and your items shift around and you also pay more for shipping. Too small and your items can be damaged.

  • Heavier Items –Pack the heaviest items first so that you end up with the lightest ones on top.
  • Open space –make sure that there is no open space once your box is packed. We recommend that you add packing paper or bubble wrap to the top, bottom, and sided of your box to keep everything from shifting in transit.
  • Weight – A full box should be no more than 40 pounds.

Keep in mind that carriers such as UPS and Fedex charge for shipping based on box size, weight, destination and how quickly you want it there. You can save money by choosing a smaller box, limiting the weight and sending it ground instead of overnight. However if you have more than one box that can be combined into one bigger box you will save money over shipping two boxes to the same place. Need more fulfillment box packing help? Contact us today! We are glad to help!