Social Media Marketing

Facebook Ads For B2B Social Media Marketing

Most marketers think that Facebook ads are just for B2C marketers.

B2B can effectively use them too as part of a social media marketing plan. Not sure where to start? What is your campaign goal? How can a Facebook ad help you reach that goal? Some common marketing goals are to generate awareness, sell your product or service and so on. Once you know yours you can create an ad for it.

So how can you effectively find the people you are looking to target? Here are 4 ideas:

  1. Page: Make sure to include the people who like your page already in any ads you send out.
  2. Email addresses: If you have a large email list you can cross reference that list with Facebook users to target them on Facebook.
  3. Work: You can target people based on their jobs listed in their Facebook profile.
  4. Event: You can target people based on life events they have added to Facebook.

Now that you have selected your targets you are ready to work on your ad. First re-consult your goals to be sure all your ideas meet them. You have a very short window of opportunity to grab attention. Your ad headline can make or break your results. You will also need an image that conveys your message quickly.  There is no need to write a long ad, be concise and intriguing. The first thing you need people to do is to want to know more and click on your ad. Take the time to effectively create your ad.

Now that you know what the facebook ad will say and look like you need to build what the ad will link to. Here again this will be determined by what you are trying to accomplish. You can send them to a special landing page with content they were curious about, or anywhere that makes sense for your campaign. In Facebook you will want to not only track the clicks, but also any shares and comments. Do not forget to have someone in charge of responding to comments; they can turn out to be the best leads.

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