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Email Marketing Tips For 2019

Email Marketing

Email marketing has been a mainstay channel for a long time now. Even with all the other channel options in 2019, email can get you great results. However, sending the same old emails year after year is not going to work and in fact will cause damage to your brand. There are things you can do to increase your email results for 2019. Let’s look at some.

2019 email marketing tips:

Storytelling –

No matter whether you share customer experiences or your company story your customers and prospects are interested. The stories allow them to get to know your company in a more personal way. The stories help you to be more authentic through transparency about what you’re up to and what goes on in your company. Storytelling also allows you to share the real-life benefits and values your products or services bring to people. Keep in mind that stories resonate and draw people in, you can have longer copy when you tell a good story.

Personalized –

Customers spend less time interacting with people and more time searching themselves. Because of this you are losing out on a key customer service touchpoint. Therefore you need to make sure that you personalize each experience to better engage them. You should be sending them more than just a tailored sales pitch, but also a story that directly relates to their needs.

Mobile –

We have been inundated with mobile devices in the past several years. They have become an extension of our person and because of this most people now check their email from a mobile device. You need to create emails that are not just mobile friendly, but mobile first. This means that not only is the email easy to read, buttons easy to push, but the content after the button push is mobile and that they can then easily make a purchase right then. A seamless mobile experience will generate more sales.

Email marketing even in 2019 is very effective when used correctly. People like to get email offers that are for products or services that they want or need. Make sure you only give them messages that are relevant through good list segmentation as well as the 3 tips above. Keep in mind that email marketing works even better when used in conjunction with other marketing channels. In 2019 you should not have silo channels; they need to be coordinated for best results. Are you ready to get started?

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