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Are You Making These Email Marketing Mistakes? We can help!

Are You Making These Email Marketing Mistakes

Are You Making These Email Marketing Mistakes

Are You Making These Email Marketing Mistakes?

Email marketing mistakes can be very costly. The best way to learn from mistakes is to find out what others have done wrong and make sure to not do that. With that in mind we have a few mistakes to share and learn from.

Top 5 Email Marketing Mistakes:

  1. Wrong Link: This is never a good thing! When you get someone to click on your offer and then the link goes to a different page or a page that no longer exists, you are not only losing a sale but frustrating a customer too. Always double check your links and have others do the same before you send to your customers.
  2. Too Many Emails: The frequency that you send emails really matters. The relevancy does matter, but sending too many emails too close together will get your customers to unsubscribe. Take into account who you have sent emails to recently and exclude them from other offers if they are too close together.
  3. Vague Subject Lines: This causes people to feel tricked into opening your email. Be clear in your subject line about what your email contains. You want people to not only open your email but actively engage with and respond to it.
  4. Too Many Emojis: When you use too many this can be confusing and irritating. Limit your emojis to 1 or 2. You can get your point across without overly using emojis.
  5. Bad Targeting: Make sure when you are segmenting your data to target each segment with the right message. An offer that is not applicable is trash. This is where many marketers run into problems with bad data. Make sure that your data is accurate or your targeting will not be any good.

Look, one bad email is not going to ruin your marketing, but multiple bad ones will. Learn from your email marketing mistakes and the mistakes of others so that you do not make that same mistake again. Before you send your emails out be sure to run several tests across different email platforms. What looks good in Gmail may not in Outlook. Consider sending emails to others within our organizations in order to catch errors you miss before the email is sent out to your list. have questions or need help? Contact us today! We are glad to help!