Email Marketing

Email Marketing for 2018

Over flowing in boxes and spam filters have many email marketers struggling with open and click rates. So how can you turn your emails around for 2018? We have a few ideas for you.

5 Email Marketing Tips for 2018:

1. Mobile

You must design all your emails to be mobile friendly. Almost all email is read on mobile devices now. Make sure to test on multiple devices just to be sure they look correctly.

2. Targeting

Take a good long look at your list. Make sure everything you know about your customers is in there. That way you and strategically target the right people for each offer you send. When you send people an offer that resonates they will open your email.

3. Fun

Make your emails fun to click on and read. People open emails they like, so add a little humor, quizzes or something else to make your emails enjoyable. Engagement is powerful.

4. Text

Plain text emails get read more often, so use them. Yes this means your copy needs to be better. You cannot rely on images to get people to respond.

5. Triggers

Create emails based on what your customers are doing. Auto triggers help you stay in contact with them through the journey with relevant content.

Email marketing is still going to be a powerful tool to encourage your customers to engage you’re your content and to help nurture leads along the way. Email marketing will continue to be a challenge throughout the year so your constant vigilance will be needed. Knowing who is clicking on what and when are the most important things to help you continue to tweak your emails going forward. Segmenting like people together will help you to get the right message to the right people at the right time. Then all you have to do is get creative and fun with your copy. Are you ready to get started?

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