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Elevating the Golden Door Experience

Employee Handbook

The collaboration between Golden Door and Laurie Dietter from Dietter Design reflects a shared commitment to excellence and hospitality. By choosing premium materials like the 105# Stardream Lapis Lazuli Cover and incorporating foil embossing, the covers exude elegance and sophistication, setting the tone for the content within. The selection of 80# Royal Sundance Linen Text for the interior pages further enhances the tactile experience, ensuring a cohesive and elevated reading experience throughout.

Beyond the aesthetics, this project underscores the significance of every staff member’s role in upholding Golden Door’s esteemed reputation. The Employee Handbook and Ethos Book serve not only as practical guides but also as tangible manifestations of the organization’s dedication to excellence. This attention to detail in design and presentation reflects Golden Door’s commitment to providing unparalleled guest experiences, where each member of the team plays a crucial part in making visitors feel genuinely welcome and ensuring top-tier service.

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