Ecommerce SEO: 5 Frequent Mistakes and How to Correct



No matter alone or with an experienced eCommerce SEO agency, you need to work hard for bringing customers to your website. You put many endeavours on the overall process to overcome the challenges of SEO. Everything has become so “digital” that you can hardly have a business success without the online world. It opens new opportunities for you, as you have a chance to attract millions of people to your business. You can make use of a lot of eCommerce marketing services to see your business growth. You can even make a wise mix of eCommerce PPC management and SEO. This will work, of course! However, you need to be very attentive in your actions. Even a small mistake can leave a negative impact on your website ranking and business reputation. Before going deeper into your personal marketing tactics, look at the most common mistakes that people make in their SEO strategies.

1.    Duplicate Content;

If you are experienced in eCommerce businesses you surely know the role of content. If not, then put a great emphasis on it. Content really matters not only for Google but for your customers as well. It is among the main ranking factors. Duplicate content is the repetitive content. It can either fully match, or just be similar. It can even happen accidentally, but if you do not pay proper attention to content marketing strategies, your content can be penalized by Google, affecting your ranking.

2.    Broken Links;

After changing your URL addresses or deleting a linked page it is a good idea to make URL updates to avoid this issue. When your website visitors click on that type of link and face the 404 error, they will have a negative user experience. It really matters. When people meet an error instead of useful information they will leave your website, of course. It has a direct connection to your SEO ranking. A professional SEO agency knows the importance of checking the broken links and fixing them ASAP.

3.    Wrong Keyword Selection;

Doing SEO with the wrong keywords is the same as not doing it at all. Keywords and SEO are intertwined, so they are the basic thing that demands proper attention. When selecting certain keywords for your content you need first of all make an analysis. You need to select among the ones that will fully match people’s intent. If you fail in your selection, they cannot find your website in search engines. Overdoing your keywords will also affect negatively on your ranking.

4.    Slow Website Speed;

A slow website is a loss of customers and conversions. It is crucial for your success as visitors find that a slow website is a huge reason for not making a purchase. Everything should be fast and easy. It is the first impression of your business. In order to leave a good UX, it is a good idea to optimize your website speed. It provides you with visibility, usability and high conversion rates.

5.      Website Navigation and Optimization.

Improving the performance of your website is critically important. When building a website you should be attentive to make it accessible for everyone. Website navigation affects both traffic and conversion. A well-optimized website will win the competition, be sure! So, for improving your website navigation you need to:

  • Keep it simple;
  • Have a vital division of categories;
  • Use accurate titles.

Make sure to create a website that will be mobile-friendly as well. It is also an issue that demands proper attention.

SEO has a great many benefits. If you pay attention to all the details, be sure your business success is guaranteed. No matter SEO alone, or with eCommerce PPC management tactics, you can build an eCommerce website that will bring you leads, conversions and business awareness. Your success is behind your strategies.