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Does Funny Direct Mail Marketing Work?

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Yes, humor and good direct mail marketing work. A low price does not have to be the driving factor in your direct mail, don’t sell your mail short! If you can create your mail piece with a funny theme, it resonates and drives a better response. Of course your offer still matters but the funny creative can really help. Humor helps you stand out from the competition and gets your mailer shared with others.

How can you use humor in your direct mail?

  1. Story – Build a story based on a pain point people have that your product or service can help them with, which can then be highlighted with humor. Focus on your prospects and customers not on the product or service itself. Benefits to them are what sell for you.
  2. Budget – You do not need a huge budget to get this going. Make an effort to outline what you want to do and your budget before getting outside help. Set your goals and expectations first.
  3. Writer – Find a funny writer that is not part of your organization. An outsider can find more things about the benefits of your product or service to make funny than you or anyone on your team.
  4. Audience – You need to tailor your humorous message to the right audience. Which means you may need to create more than one and segment your list.
  5. Design – You will need to use both humorous copy and images to really make your direct mail stand out.

Basically, the more memorable your mail is, the more effective your campaign will be. One rule you should adhere to when using humor is to make sure the comedy apex occurs at the last possible moment. Messaging following the punch line leaves the reader less happy. It may take you time to develop, but a mail campaign that includes humor can give you a big payoff. Remember that the humor should enhance your message not take away from it.

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