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Do Direct Mail Marketing Letters Work?

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing works, but which format is best?

There are many, many times when we get asked, “Is sending a letter better?” With the fast paced world now, many people are worried that a letter will go unread, so sending a postcard would be better. Here I will attempt to answer that question, beyond just, “Well…that depends.”  So let’s take the time to examine direct mail marketing letters and self-mailers/postcards, keeping in mind that there really is the option that it may depend.

So let’s dig in. You may be tempted to say that direct mail marketing postcards would be best as they are by far the cheapest and easier for the recipient to read. However, we need to look beyond the cost to produce. Yes, an envelope with a matching letter is going to cost you more money to send out. The funny thing about that is, it may not be a bad thing after all. We have found that recipients spend less time looking at the postcards and self-mailers. They are immediately identified as advertising. A well thought out and targeted personalized letter may provide you with more responses.

Benefits of a direct mail marketing letter:

A letter is a little sneakier since it does not announce itself as an advertisement

Chance to provide more information about your product or service since you are not limited on space

Provide a reply device

Provide a brochure to keep or show others

Benefits of a direct mail marketing Postcard/Self-mailer:

Catch the eye with images

Easy to understand with little effort on the part of the recipient

Cheaper, so more cost effective

In order to find out which is right for you, it is best to test your list. Split your list and send some people personalized postcards or self-mailers and the rest a personalized letter in an envelope. The key factor in what works for you is your audience. You need to find the best fit for them. What works well for your competitor may not indicate what works well for you. Track your responses to see what works best.

I have heard many people say that the younger generation is not going to read a letter so send them a postcard or a self-mailer. Well, while it may be true that the younger generation is not reading the whole letter, they are reading enough of it to get the point. Make sure that you have bold words, bullet points and a strong PS. This is what they are looking at as they skim the letter. Give a letter a try if you have not done so before, you may be surprised by your results.

In summary, direct mail marketing postcards, self-mailers and letters are all good ways to market your company. Each one has pros and cons. Test, test, test to see how your audience responds. Knowing who responds to what can help you provide direct mail marketing your recipients want to receive. Assume nothing, test, track and test some more. See how creative you can get. Are you ready to get started? Contact us today! We are glad to help!