Direct Mail

Direct Mail With Touch Increases Response Rates

Direct Mail

Direct Mail With Touch Increases Response Rates

Direct mail with touch can do something that no digital channel ever can. As human beings our brains are hard wired with the need for touch. It plays a huge roll in our lives every day. When we are able to harness the power of touch with direct mail pieces, we are able to create an experience that recipients will not forget and may even share with others.

Our hands are very sensitive and designed to touch. They have the greatest density of tactile receptors on our bodies. Let’s take advantage of that with our direct mail pieces. Touching the mail piece is required as one gets the mail from the mail box and sorts through the mail. Grab attention immediately with a unique feel.

Consider using these 5 elements in your direct mail to enhance touch:

1. Paper stock:

Instead of choosing your paper stock by what is on sale or the cheapest one, consider choosing a heavier nicer feeling stock. The lasting impression you give to recipients will help them not only to remember you better, but also to trust you.

2. Coatings:

There are many coating choices now. Consider how each one could work with your design and pick the best fit. One really popular right now is a soft touch coating. When you are able to match the feel of the piece with the message you have a greater impact on the recipient.

3. Emboss/Deboss:

Consider how you can incorporate an emboss or a deboss into your design to add a more 3D look as well as feel. What could you emboss or deboss that would draw attention?

4. Engraving:

This is not only a beautiful addition but it really enhances the feel. Think of all the ways a design can include engraving. You could outline key points or draw attention to parts of images that help to showcase your product or service.

5. Raised Ink:

This can be a fun way to add a dimension and appeal to the touch need. You can do it for lettering as well as images. Get creative!

Adding touchable elements to your direct mail not only enhances the recipient’s experience, but it can also drive their decision to buy from you. People make subconscious reactions and decisions all of the time, based on what they touch. We can therefore influence them in our direct mail with touch. For instance, when you use a thicker paper stock and a soft touch coating your product or service is viewed as trustworthy, and your company as knowledgeable, so they want to buy from you. Think of how you can influence with touch knowing that what we touch shapes what we feel and perceive.

The crucial point is to add touch elements so that they enhance your direct mail, not draw attention away from your message. The elements should combine with your message to give it more power. If you just add elements without planning on how they work together with your design and messaging you are wasting your money and confusing recipients. This will have the exact opposite effect on your ROI than what you are trying to do.

When you have put together your plan, meet with a couple of your top customers and show them your idea. See what they think and if they understand it the way you intended them to. Make sure to get their opinions before you explain what you were trying to do. You want to see if your recipients will get the right message, remember you won’t be there to explain it to them.

Are you ready to exploit the sense of touch in your next direct mail campaign?