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Direct Mail With Geomapping Improves Traffic

Direct Mail With Geomapping

Direct Mail With Geomapping Improves Traffic

Do you need more traffic to your business or event? When you add direct mail geomapping to your current campaigns they drive a significant response. Personalized direct mail pieces with an added personalized map can help increase your visits and event attendance. Direct mail with geomapping allows you to create customized maps based on your prospect or customer’s mailing address and the location of your business or event. There are many ways to do this and different features, let’s take a look.

Direct Mail With Geomapping Style Options:

  1. Driving or walking directions – for people who are really close you may want to offer walking maps.
  2. Fastest or shortest routes – the fastest routes are not always the shortest distance so you have your choice of which one you wish to offer.
  3. Map size – depending on your design you may want a larger map size.
  4. If you have multiple locations you can have maps for each one or choose the location closest to the individual you are mailing to.
  5. You can add your logo to the destination on the map.
  6. Pick a route color for your map – stand out with vibrant colors.
  7. You can provide travel time.
  8. Add turn by turn directions if you wish.
  9. Multiple route options on the same map with different color highlights.

As you can see there are several options you can choose from. Not only can you use these maps on your direct mail pieces but you can use them in multi-channel campaigns as well. Remember, the more touches you have with prospects and customers the more likely they are to respond. It’s not every day that you get a mail piece with a custom map on it. That level of personalization makes your customers and prospects feel special.

Direct mail with geomapping are personalized maps that are not only eye catching but super functional. Show people how easy it is to reach you. You can also remove people from your list that are too far away to want to drive to your location, that way you save money by not sending to people who will not attend.

Not only that, if you have multiple locations you can list 3 choices for them with maps to each one, listing the closest one first followed by second and third. This is very helpful when you have events on different days at different locations. They now get to choose what works best for them. Your prospects and customers want to know how long it will take to get to your location or event, so tell them.

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Maps are a great way to grab attention and drive traffic to your location or event. They also help you connect with your prospects and customers at a deeper level because you are talking directly to them with an easy way to reach you. Some businesses have seen a 6 percent or better lift by adding personalized maps. Are you ready to get started? Email us at we can get you started on geomapping!