Direct Mail

Direct Mail: The Visual Experience

In order to grab the attention of recipients, direct mail needs to appeal to them visually. Graphic designers have known about this for years. However, with the many advances in brain science recently there is a shift in how to better grab that visual attention. Let’s take a look at how to create the best visual experience for your recipients.

Visual Attention Clues:

  1. Eye Tracking Study: You can look to see what draws attention most. There is now software that you can use to see predictive eye tracking on images or art. It is a great predictor of how your layout will work. The cost is not a huge hurtle and is very much worth it.
  2. Contrast of Colors: When you have a large contrast of colors, it draws attention. The best simple example is the yin/yang symbol, black is the opposite of white. This resonates in our brain and therefore draws attention.
  3. Faces: Human nature naturally draws us to faces, especially the eyes, mouth and ears. These all give us indicators of emotion. How can you incorporate faces into your direct mail design that convey the message you need?

You have about 5 to 6 seconds to be understood before the recipient moves on to something else, so how can you quickly make your point? It is not going to be just words. The imagery you use will make or break your message. With that in mind, you need to show your design and messaging to people who are outside of your organization to make sure that the correct message is getting across. Many times it is easy for insiders to understand, but not the general public. Keep it simple.

Start with the urgency of an emotional or physical threat. This will depend on the product or service you are trying to sell. Do not talk about product or service first. Your focus needs to be on the treat and how your product or service will eliminate it. You must convince them that they need you. When you meet their need, you get the sale. This works for B2B and B2C customers/prospects. When you let the power of visual lead your direct mail, you unleash the potential for a great direct mail program.

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