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Direct Mail The Right Perspective

Direct Mail with augmented reality

The key to the most effective direct mail is perspective. Since perspective is a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view, this is very applicable to direct mail. Why is this so important in direct mail marketing? Knowing your audience and how they will perceive your message can make or break your ROI. Many marketers spend all their time focused on the list and the creative, leaving the messaging as an afterthought. This does not work. All three components work together to get you top results with direct mail. So, how can you create better messaging?

6 ways to create powerful direct mail messaging based on perspective:

1. Focus:

Who is your target audience? What are they interested in? What makes them tick?

2. Benefits:

What is your product or service going to do for your audience?

3. Conversation:

You are creating a conversation about your product or service with your audience. This may mean that it stretches across more than one marketing channel. You may start off the conversation with direct mail and lead them online to more information on your website or social media accounts.

4. Opinions:

Otherwise known as testimonials about your product or service by people like your audience. Real people making real statements are powerful persuasions.

5. Inspire:

If you can create language that inspires people to action you have powerful means to generate response. This is your best call to action. How will you inspire?

6. Review:

Approach current customers who are similar to your target audience to solicit their views on your messaging. Are you getting the right message across? Does the call to action work? What would they say differently? You may be surprised at what you learn.

By taking the time to write your direct mail messaging to the perspective of your prospect/customer, you are first validating their position and then grabbing their attention. Next you are creating an open environment to generate response. Provide multiple ways for them to respond, such as phone, website, in person, mobile, social media and any others that are available to you.

Using direct mail perspective is not about shoving products or services at people who should want them, but showing them how and why they need your products or services. Creating a belief of need in your product or service that they generate for themselves based on information your provided is the most powerful message you have. Take the time to write your direct mail messaging in this way.

Remember that you should create different direct mail messaging for different audiences even within the same campaign. Variable messaging will help you improve your results. You should test your messaging as well. See what works better and build on that. Always track your results. There are many ways to do that, from URL’s, phone numbers, special offer codes and more. Find what works best for you and implement it right away. Perspective can provide you with the means to better direct mail ROI. Are you ready to get started? Contact us today! We are glad to help!