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Direct Mail Money Saving Ideas

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing is not as expensive as some marketers think.

Most marketers think of direct mail as expensive, so they can’t afford it. Email and digital marketing are cheap, easy and provides instant results. So why should they use direct mail? Well, direct mail works really well. There are somethings you can do to cut down the cost of direct mail production as well as postage costs. If you can spend less money, but still maintain the same response, you will make more money.

5 Cost Saving Ideas:

1. Return cards:

If you are providing a return card that needs to be filled out and put in a reply envelope, add that to the bottom of your 8.5 x 11 letter to make it 8.5 x 14. It can be personalized at the same time as the letter saving run time as well as cost. You also cut down on the number of inserts going into the envelope, which saves you money.

2. Statements:

When mailing statements include marketing items as well. The post office allows up to 3 ounces in a presorted first class envelope for the same postage cost. Rather than sending out two separate mailings, combine them as one and save postage as well as production costs.

3. Self-mailers:

Take advantage of the maximum letter size of 6 x 10.5. This will stand out in the mail box and not increase your postage as long as you stay under 3 ounces for presorted standard postage. This gives you plenty of room for graphics as well as copy. Make sure that you are following postal regulations on where the final fold is when looking at the mail panel. Send us a pdf and we can make sure you are ok.

4. Postcards:

There are a couple of tips for postcards. When using standard postage your postcard can be 6.125 x 11.5 for no additional postage. You have lots of room for design and text. If you are mailing presorted first class use a 4.25 x 6 postcard to get the special postcard postage rate. The smaller card can be a challenge, but remember you can use your calls to action to send them online for more information.

5. Letters:

Print 2 page letters double sided to decrease the number of inserts or allow you to add an additional insert for the same postage rate. In production, every insert is a cost so the less inserts you have the cheaper the production cost.

Direct mail is a great way to reach prospects and customers. People enjoy getting mail. Not only that, but when they get direct mail they go online to get more information. This adds another touch point for your marketing team to increase engagement. The more engaged they are the more money they will spend with you and the more they will talk about your company with friends.

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