Direct Mail

Direct Mail Marketing Stands Out in a Digital World

Direct mail should be a part of your marketing mix. Marketers are faced with too many marketing channel choices and many times it is hard to know which ones will work best. Especially since each company will find that a different marketing mix will work for them. However, trends show that direct mail is very effective and is standing out in new ways. You may think that mail is old school, so why use it? There is a new school of mail that creates an experience unlike any other marketing channel.

Reasons why direct mail stands out in the digital age:

  1. Prospects and Customers: They view direct mail as less intrusive than other forms of marketing and in return, they are more receptive to the message. Yes, even millennials like mail! This means that mail is a very effective way to reach out to prospects and customers.
  2. Competition: With better targeting, there are less mail pieces going to each person. This means that there is less competition in the mail box, so you really stand out. This gives you an opportunity to build your response rates.
  3. Tangible: People can touch, manipulate and save mail pieces for later. They can even pass the information provided in a direct mail piece to their friends. No other marketing channel has this ability. Take full advantage of this with coatings, textures, special folds or die cuts and engage people with your mail pieces.
  4. Targeting: Mail lists offer many targeting options that are just not available for other channels. You can get very specific to make sure you are sending mail pieces to only the people most likely to buy your product or service. This decreases your outgoing spend and increases your response rates.
  5. Data: The more data you have the more you can use with mail. Variable data printing allows you to create personalized one to one pieces with very targeted offers. You can actually create a different mail piece for each person in your list based on purchase history. Images as well as copy can change.

As with any marketing channel, knowing your audience is the key.

The more data you have on your customers the better you are able to target offers and generate response. Direct mail only gets better overtime if you are tracking your results. Knowing what is working and what is not propels your mail to greater heights. We are not saying that mail is the “be all end all” of marketing, we do think you need to be using multiple channels to increase the reach of your marketing messages. However, direct mail needs to be one of the channels you are using to maximize your results.

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