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Designers for Peace: United with Ukraine

Neyenesch Printers Supports the AIGA San Diego/Tijuana World Premier Exhibition, Graphis Designers for Peace: United with Ukraine

Following the brutal invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Graphis, an international publisher of books and awards for the visual communications industry, initiated an international poster competition to the world creative community, titled Designers for Peace: United with Ukraine, to give designers a graphic forum to share a united voice of support. There were over 350 submissions by designers and artist from over 30 countries. A traveling exhibition of 60 posters was curated by Graphis CEO B. Martin Pedersen, and jury chair, Kit Hinrichs of Studio Hinrichs to share the work, raise awareness and provide financial support to organizations providing aid to the people of Ukraine

The team at AIGA San Diego Tijuana reached out to Neyenesch Printers in early October and let us know San Diego and Tijuana were chosen to be the first cities in the world to host a  Designers for Peace: United with Ukraine exhibition. Their vision was an event demonstrating what’s possible when our bi-national creative communities come together in common cause. There was a lot of work to be  done preparing for opening events in both cities scheduled for November. After a brief conversation with the AIGA SDTJ, Neyenesch Printers knew we wanted to be involved.

A key element for success was providing attendees an avenue for financial support. It was decided a catalog featuring the work in the show, limited edition posters and postcards would be available to purchase at the event and beyond. Proceeds from the sale directly benefit Ukraine humanitarian aid through Jose Andres’ World Central Kitchen and International Relief Teams.

Neyenesch Printers is proud of our contribution to this amazing event. Working with the AIGA SDTJ team, Graphis and Kit Hinrichs, we produced a 72-page catalog featuring all 60 posters in the exhibition, nine posters in a 13 x 19 format, a set of six – 6 x 9 postcards and 200 of one limited edition print of the poster contributed by jury chair, Kit Hendrich.  The limited-edition posters are numbered and signed by the artist. All items are available here: United with Ukraine

The opening events in San Diego and Tijuana were wildly successful with a combined attendance of nearly 400 people. Contributing designers and exhibit artists Kit Hinrichs, Michael Pantuso, and Carmit Haller were on hand for the SD opening at the UCSD Park & Market in downtown San Diego to meet with guests and sign catalogs, posters, and postcards. The Tijuana event opened the following night at the historic Casa de la Cultura Tijuana with artist Michael Pantuso and a large group of supporters from San Diego in attendance. The show will be open to the public at the UCSD Park & Market until December 31.