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How To Create Visually Appealing Direct Mail

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Visually appealing direct mail:

Since I work in the direct mail world I really keep an eye on my mailbox. It’s good to know who is sending what and how I can make that work better for someone else. Too much of the mail I am getting in my mailbox is too crowded with text and images. Why are we afraid of blank space on our direct mail? I am overwhelmed and I am willing to bet that most people are.

Yes, you need both images and text, but when you fully cover a large mailer front and back it turns into just noise and noise goes in the trash. So how can we get our message across while using blank space to our advantage?

How much blank space are you currently allocating on your mail pieces? Rather than call it blank space I prefer to think of it as space in between because really that is what it is. It’s between images, it’s between copy and between your call to action. It opens up our mind as a peaceful place between thoughts. It’s calming and refreshing to have that in-between space for a breath and a preparation for what is to come next. Our brains need that little downtime to organize what we are seeing and digest what has been read.

How to create the direct mail space in between:

  • Images: Select one or two images for the mailer. When sizing them, make them large enough for understanding while allowing for space between the image and the copy.
  • Copy: Do not put the copy over the images. Use bullet points and bolding to draw attention to your concise copy. Mailers are not letters do not get too wordy. Allow for space between lines and use an open font instead of a compressed one.
  • Call to action: This needs to be in its own area with plenty of space around it to stand out. Get right to the point, what do your customers/prospects need to do. Make sure to tell them that and how to do it.
  • Color: The color or colors that you choose for your mail piece are very important. You need them to work together with your copy and images to convey your message. Don’t go crazy with a ton of colors, pick a theme and have that guide your choices. When trying to create blank space you can use color, just keep it mild so when it is combined with an open-spaced copy you are not overwhelming the visual senses.

The whole point of your mailer is to get people to respond, when you turn them off with too many images, too much copy or over the top colors, your mailer is ineffective. With digital marketing always in our faces flashing images and endless pop-ups, it is refreshing to get mail pieces that are not scattered all over the place but focused on one clear message. These mail pieces get acted upon. Create these pieces for your next campaign.

In no way am I saying that your mail piece needs to be boring, in fact, I believe the opposite. You need to grab attention but in a good way. By adding the space in between your attention-getting images and focused copy you are able to draw attention to the right areas of your mailer. No one is getting lost or confused by what they see.  Still not swayed? Try a test piece that adds space to half your list and your normal one to the other half to see what works better for you. You want people to remember your message and act on it. Are you ready to get started?