Email Marketing

Creating Email Copy That Sells

Email Marketing Copy Really Matters

Many marketers feel that their emails no longer work. This can be true if your emails are in need of changes, but overall email marketing still works well. Emails work best when you write good copy. So how do you create a good email copy?

Get Started:

As you get ready to write your email copy, sit down and review all the literature you have and any emails you have used in the past. Gather as many facts as possible so that you have a good set of references. Then make a list of all the benefits of your product or service, any differences between you and your competitors and problems you can solve for your customers. Think from the perspective of your prospects and customers about your product or service, who would you be if you bought it? What would you want? Finally you must figure out what the objective is for your email. Is it to sell, qualify, and generate interest or something else?

Now you are ready to start. For your first pass writing, create more copy than you plan to use for the email. It will make it easier as you rewrite to pick and choose the best of the best for your final version. Keep in mind as you write that your emails need to be personalized. Include as much personalization as you possibly can within the copy. The email should look and feel as personal as possible.

Things To Consider:

Now, let’s look at what you need to include in your email marketing copy to really make it great.

  1. The most important sentence in your whole email is the first one. This is where people decide if they will continue to read or trash it.
  2. The next most important one is the call to action button. Entice them to respond with your call to action with a colorful design and compelling wording.

Both need to grab attention and encourage the reader to respond. Your prospects and customers like to read stories. They can relate to them easily and they resonate with them. So, make sure your email includes a compelling short story.

Last Thoughts:

Your email marketing copy must solve a problem that your prospects or customers are having. When you do, you will get the sale. Make sure you include the most important benefits that they will get by using your product or service. You can also include some flattery so that they feel special. Finally, you must include an offer that is attractive to them. Be concise and direct in your offer. Do not leave anything up to interpretation; a fuzzy offer does not sell.

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