Direct Mail

Create Fun Direct Mail


Direct mail should stand out and be unique in order to drive response.

We all know that if your direct mail piece does not get looked at, it is not going to be effective. Create a fun and entertaining mail piece by taking a normal folded piece and creating a whole new look with endless folds. These go beyond visual stimulation by requiring recipients to touch and manipulate the piece. It creates a sense of curiosity on what they will find after each fold is turned. By endless fold we mean that your customers or prospects open the first set of folds that leads them to the nest set and the next and so on. This can be a hard concept to visualize so check out this video:

As you can see, you have the opportunity to showcase your product or service in a very unique way. Endless folds are not commonly done, so your piece will stand out and be remembered as well as shared with others. In most cases people will go through the entire set of folds multiple times because it is such a fun and curious experience. This type of physical interaction is not possible with other marketing channels. When you add endless folds to your direct mail in conjunction with other marketing channel efforts you are able to more effectively communicate your message.

Don’t let your mail pieces be overlooked.

Adding special features like endless folds enhances the appeal to your prospects and customers. This increases your direct mail response rates. These are cheaper to produce and mail than dimensional pieces so they can be a great cost effective alternative. The best part about using endless folds is that it allows you to incorporate more information about your product or service in a fun way. Get creative with your messaging so that you generate interest as well as enjoyment.

Not sure you are ready for endless folds, but still want to change up the way you fold your pieces? Check out these examples of what you can try:  There are really a lot more folding options available to you that many marketers are either not aware of or have not had time to consider using. Do something different on your next direct mail campaign and see what results you get. Talk with us for some ideas and what layout will work best. Don’t be afraid to try something new, it may end up being the best thing you ever did. Contact us today! We are glad to help!