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Social Media Marketing

Now that we are almost half way into the new year, you should have had time to see how your 2019 social media marketing plan is working so far. Hopefully you are seeing great results. At this point though, you may be ready to make a few tweaks. With that in mind here are some tips to give your social media marketing a jump start.

Social media marketing tips:

Facebook Ads

Consider running ads that go to content. You can then provide links for people to make a purchase, rather than just linking the ad to a purchase page. These look more like news feed articles and can help you generate more response.

Live Chat on Twitter –

Host a live chat on Twitter to create a discussion group for your customers and prospects to ask questions and get tips.

Instagram Tags –

Tag your photos with big accounts in your industry. Make sure to tag in the photo and the caption. This allows your photo to show up on the feeds of the companies you have tagged so you have a bigger reach.

Snapchat Contest –

Create a Snapchat contest for your followers. Ask your followers to Snap to you designated content from which you can select the winners. Then you are able to repost them as a story to engage more people.

Youtube + Content –

Link to your content within your video using annotations or in the video description. Make sure you say something like “check out the link …” to direct viewers to the content you’d like them to see.

All five of these tips can be used in conjunction with one another or separately. The more interactive your social media accounts are with your followers the better your results are going to be. Creativity and fun are the best ways to keep engagement up. There were several companies in 2018 that created great social media campaigns. You can check out several examples at:

Social media does not have to be as structured as other marketing channels. When you have the flexibility to go with the flow of comments and questions you are better able to connect with your followers. Some spur of the moment activity can lead to unexpected sales. Give your team the freedom to try new things and participate with followers without needing approval first. You will reap the benefits. Are you ready to jump start your social media marketing?

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